Backyard Birds of Lower Merion & Narberth

Discover the common birds that share your community!

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Gray Catbird

Medium sized, slender songbird, long tail, straight bill, long legs Small black cap, blackish tail, brown patch under the tail, rest of the body is gray. Secretive but energetic, males sing on top of shrubs and small trees They prefer to fly quickly over vegetation, staying close to t
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Tufted Titmouse

Large head and eyes, thick neck, short stout bill Soft silvery gray on top, white below, peach color on the flanks and has a black patch above the bill Acrobatic, often flock with chickadees, nuthatches and woodpecker at the feeders Habitat: Can be found in most eastern woodlands belo
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Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Small hummingbird, slightly down curved slender bill, short wings Bright emerald green on the back, gray-white underparts Males have bright red throat Can fly straight and fast, can hover in one place Often visit Hummingbird feeders and tube shaped flowers Habitat: Woodlands, forest e
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White-throated Sparrow

Large Sparrow, prominent bill, round head, long tail and legs Brown back, gray below, black and white striped head. White throat and yellow between the bill and eyes Tends to stay close to the ground looking for food, they can be in bushes in the spring eating buds Habitat: Woods, lar
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American Goldfinch

Small Finch, small head, long wings, short tail Males: in spring are bright yellow, black forehead and wings, with white markings, white patches on the tail Females: duller yellow beneath, olive color on top Very acrobatic, they cling to weeds Fly with a bouncy pattern Habitat: Weedy
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Brown-headed Cowbird

Stocky blackbird, short tail, thick head Male: Glossy black plumage, brown head Female: Plain brown, lighter on the head and underparts, streaking on the belly, dark eyes Feeds on the ground in various groups of blackbirds and starlings Males: Strut in open lawns looking for mates Fem
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White Breasted nuthatch

Largest Nuthatch, large head and stout neck Gray blue back, white face and under parts, lower belly and under the tail are chestnut Black or gray cap makes this bird look like it is wearing a hood Agile birds, they turn sideways as well as upside down on trunks as they forage Habitat:
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American Robin

Large songbird Red breast, Gray Body Authoritative, form big flocks in winter and gather in trees Common almost everywhere Local Sightings: Rosemont, Rolling Hill Park, Merion Botanical, Merion Tribute, West Mill Creek Park, Shortridge Park, Cynwyd Heritage Trail, West Laurel Hill Cem
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Red-winged Blackbird

Stocky, broad bird, slender bill Male: Glossy black, red-yellow shoulder bands Female: Streaked with brown, pale breast, white eyebrow Males will do anything for attention Females slink in the shadows looking for food and making nests Habitat: Lives in saltwater marshes, water courses
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