Backyard Birds of Lower Merion & Narberth

Discover the common birds that share your community!

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Carolina Chickadee

Tiny Short, plump, short neck Black head and bib, white cheeks, gray wings, back and tail Acrobatic, stays with chickadees and other small birds in feeding flocks Habitat: Forests, urban, suburban areas, parks that have large trees Local Sightings: Rosemont, Rolling Hill Park
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Common Grackle

Large and lanky Flat head, long bill and bright golden eyes Looks black from a distance Up close you can see the grackle’s purplish shinny feathers Usually in large flocks flying in fields, they dominate smaller birds Habitat: Fields and city parks, Local Sightings: Rosemont, Remingto
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Blue Jay

Large songbird Gray or white underneath, various blue black and white on top Variety of vocalizations Throat pouch for food storage Favorite food is acorn Habitat:  Edge of forest Local Sightings: Rolling Hill Park, Rosemont
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Turkey Vulture

Large bird with long wingtips and tail Wings are larger than many raptors except eagles and condors Dark brown, featherless red head and pale bill Majestic but unsteady fliers They are seen huddled in groups around road kill Habitat: Common around open areas, on road sides, suburbs, f
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American Crow

Large bird, thick neck, long legs, All black; when malting, feathers can appear brownish gray Very social, appear in large flocks, aggressive Good learners, problem solvers, root through garbage for food Habitat: They thrive around people in big open areas like parks, fields, parking
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Red-tailed Hawk

Large bird, wide tail, rounded wings Brown back, pale streaked belly Usually soaring above fields looking for prey Habitat: open country land, open fields, on telephone poles or fences Local Sightings: Rosemont
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Hairy Woodpecker

Medium sized woodpecker Looks like Big Downy woodpecker Black and white checkered wings; Head has two white stripes (males have red patch at back of head) Feeds on trees and logs Habitat: Mature forests, woodlots, suburbs, parks, cemeteries Local Sightings: Rosemont, Rolling Hill Park
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Downy Woodpecker

Small; Straight pointy bill, straight posture Black and white checkered wings, striped head Males have a red patch on back of head Forage for food on tree trunks and limbs Habitat: Woodlands, around deciduous trees, orchards, backyards Local Sightings: Rosemont, Rolling Hill Park
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Red-bellied Woodpecker

Sleek, round-headed Black and white strips on back; Pale stomach Red head and nape Usually hitched to a trunk of a tree and drilling into the tree Habitat: Found in eastern forests and backyard feeders Local Sightings: Rosemont, Rolling Hill Park, Merion Botanical Garden
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