Backyard Birds of Lower Merion & Narberth

Discover the common birds that share your community!

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Mourning Dove

Plump body; Head small for body Brownish-tan overall with black spots Flies fast on powerful wing beats Habitat: Can live anywhere but deep woods Local Sightings: Rosemont, Rolling Hill Park, Merion Botanical, Merion Tribute, Wynnewood Valley Park
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Canada Goose

Large water bird Webbed feet for swimming, long necks Black head and neck, tan body, white chin and cheeks Fly in V formation or in pairs Habitat: Can live almost anywhere Local Sightings: Haverford College, Rosemont, Rolling Hill Park, Merion Botanical, Merion Tribute
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Northern Cardinal

Fairly large songbird Short, thick, orange bill Male (top): Bright red all over, black face around bill Female (bottom): Pale brown, warm red tinges on wings, tail and crest They nest in dense tangles of shrubs and vines Habitat: Usually found in backyards, parks, bird feeders; often
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