Protect My Land

One of the reasons we hear most often of why we live here in Lower Merion and Narberth is because it is green—we have a mature tree canopy, beautiful rolling hills, amazing trails and incredible creeks. The natural beauty combined with the stunning historic resources make our community so special.

Yet development pressure puts our landscape legacy at risk and Lower Merion struggles to protect open space and historic architecture.  Main Line landowners often find themselves at the center of the struggle to protect their community’s land and future. Deciding what to do with one’s land is rarely as straightforward as choosing between conservation and development. Financial and family pressures can cause a landowner to sell to a developer, even when that land is an important part of the family’s legacy or a critical part of the community landscape.

However, there are alternatives. With careful consideration of your needs and the various conservation tools available, it is possible to preserve your land forever and satisfy your financial and family goals.

The Lower Merion Conservancy was formed to preserve open space and historic architecture by helping landowners like you find beneficial ways to protect your land. We have successfully preserved properties throughout the Main Line, and continually work with your neighbors to protect new properties. Your interests and needs are vital to a solution that will work best for your specific situation.

There are many creative conservation strategies using outright donations, conservation easements, limited conservation-minded development plans or a combination of several conservation techniques. In some very special cases, available public and private funding may help to both meet your family’s financial needs and save a critical piece of open space.

The Conservancy’s Executive Director is available to discuss your options confidentially at your convenience. Contact us to learn more.