Preservation Efforts to Save Wynnewood Bank

Preservation Efforts to Save Wynnewood Bank

UPDATE: The Public Federal Savings Bank development in Wynnewood was approved by the Board of Commissioners. The building is slated for demolition. Read the Main Line Times article about the decision here.
UPDATE: The Public Federal Savings Bank was listed on this year’s Pennsylvania At Risk list. See what Preservation Pennsylvania has to say about the building!

The Lower Merion Conservancy seeks to protect and enhance our quality of life by engaging residents in preserving open space, the natural environment, and the historic character of the community. We advocate for the preservation of historic resources in our community. One timely issue is future of the former Public Federal Savings Bank on the corner of Penn and Wynnewood Roads in Wynnewood.

The Public Federal and Savings bank is threatened with demolition. Built around 1951, it is a good example of mid century modern architecture in Lower Merion. This style was applied to many bank buildings and they are being lost at an alarming rate.

One does not have to be fan of the aesthetic to understand the value in saving and reusing older building stock. This building, for example, has many advantageous characteristics separate from its style. It has a very thoughtful urban design that responds to the curve of the street, has a pedestrian path to the train station, and a sign that serves as a signal to the entrance of the Wynnewood neighborhood. Perhaps most importantly, it is a building that can easily be reused.

Local preservation architect, Christian Busch, has been working to save the building so that it may be used again. Below, you can see a quick sketch of how the building can easily updated to be a drive-thru bank branch, which is what it is purposed to be replaced with.

For more information and history on the bank, take a look at the news links below. We will continue to update you on how you can learn more about the project.

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Site Plan WP

Here, you can see the proposed development plan with a drive-thru bank branch building.


This alternative sketch shows how the existing building can be easily updated to be a drive-thru bank branch.