Streambank Photo Campaign

We are asking for volunteers to take photographs of streams on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly) to expand the Conservancy’s stream monitoring program. One of the photos should be in the same spot each time, but additional photos are also helpful. The photos can be in a park, along a trail, or in your backyard. Stream size does not matter and photos during all types of weather are encouraged.

Taking photos in the same spot over time will illustrate the way stormwater runoff impacts streams. The photos will also familiarize more people with the streams and increase the number of people watching for contaminant spills or other pollutants. Photos may be shared on our website, in our newsletters, and on our social media pages.

Please leave your name, email address, and desired stream location below. If you don’t have a specific stream site in mind, leave your name and email address and we’ll contact you about finding a location.

If you see a contaminant spill in a stream, please call the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Southeast Regional Office emergency number at 484-250-5900 or call 911.

Here are the reporting requirements for stream pollution events from the PADEP site: