Suntop Homes

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Sutton Road and Spring Avenue, Ardmore

Frank Lloyd Wright is easily America’s most famous architect, innovative and legendary in both his architecture and his personal life. Though he never attended architecture school, he apprenticed under Louis Sullivan and went on to design 1,100 buildings, of which only some 500 were finished. Among his most acclaimed and best-known accomplishments are Fallingwater and the Johnson Wax building, both completed in 1936, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Perhaps reflecting his native Wisconsin roots, Wright pioneered a new architectural design, a long, low building that became known as the Prairie Style. He also championed a concept of small low-cost homes that he dubbed Usonian. We are fortunate to have in Lower Merion an example of the Usonian vision, Frank Lloyd Wright’s version of Philadelphia row houses, a quartet of homes joined at a central point and facing Sutton Road and East Spring Avenue in Ardmore. Built in 1939, only three years after Fallingwater, the Suntop Homes.