Watershed Conservation

The Conservancy is dedicated to protecting the land, air, and water of Lower Merion. Through a variety of science initiatives and service projects, the Conservancy works with volunteers, local government, and school groups to continue its efforts to raise awareness about the fertilizers, pesticides, motor oils, and other chemicals that are piped directly into our streams.

The Conservancy operates a variety of science initiatives, the largest of which is StreamWatch. The StreamWatch program consists of volunteer and staff monitoring which attempt to identify and communicate the threats to local streams such as Mill Creek, Cobbs Creek, and the East Branch of Indian Creek. Using the knowledge gained through the StreamWatch program as well as external research, the Conservancy works to install strategic restoration projects that slow, absorb, and filter polluted runoff. The Conservancy also offers a Stormwater House Call service to help local residents create nature-based solutions to water contamination and flooding.