Narberth Borough

 Greener Vision for Narberth in 2016!

In 2013, the Lower Merion Conservancy entered into a partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Narberth Borough and Narbrook Park for the purpose of improving water quality in the East Branch of Indian Creek.

The Creek springs up in Narbrook Park, runs under Windsor Avenue, the Narberth ball field, and Wynnewood Road before resurfacing in Shortridge Park. The East Branch eventually joins the West Branch before flowing into Cobbs Creek, a major tributary to the Delaware River, which is the drinking water supply for more than 15 million people.

The projects the Conservancy has undertaken with Narberth include adding stormwater features to the Borough’s long-planned library terrace, rain gardens along Windsor Avenue, and a stream bank restoration project in Narbrook Park. Hundreds of volunteer hours combined with generous funding from the William Penn Foundation are making this work possible and will lead to improved water quality in our region.